It’s about time

My wife tried to kill me with pizza Wednesday night.  After fighting off the poison all night, as well as a mini-human invader (aka my daughter), I was a bit slow moving Thursday morning.  While I stirred myself back to some form of normalcy by reading, the fire alarm sounded.  Our fire alarm compares to a smoke detector as a clap of thunder compares to a clap of my hands.  Even death was awake. Continue reading “It’s about time”

Doing Much with Little

Setting out to plant a church in the middle of the city is rather audacious.  Especially when one has few resources and is reaching out to people used to the Fortune 500s of downtown (we have 7), big names of professional teams, big pockets of influential businesses and business people, and so forth.  I have … well, considerably less.

“But God owns it all!”  Yes, I often remind Him and I both that truth as I look out over billions of financial activity around me, yet He hasn’t showered it down on me to utilize.  No, He’s pushed for a more creative approach. Continue reading “Doing Much with Little”