Opening Day

I write this post as my day ends; it’s Thursday.  You read this post as early as Friday; it’s Opening Day.  Thursday was to be Opening Day in Cincinnati, but weather predictions Wednesday convinced the decision makers to make a big decision.  Now Friday is Opening Day in Cincy.  It’s a big undertaking for the-day-before.  Repercussions aside after that bit of chaos, here we are. Continue reading “Opening Day”

Story Time

Let me tell you a story.  Okay, I do that in every post.  It is sort of my thing here. The whole premise here is looking for one more thing to take away from the day, which usually involves a story.

I’ve spent several days with a church that partners with us.  It’s their annual celebration of all that God is doing around the world, particularly where they have been involved.  They invite people representing works with whom they are involved. Continue reading “Story Time”