River’s Edge

My present habit is to end my day by writing a post, which is then scheduled to go live the following morning at 7am.  So as I sit and write this, it’s late, the lights of the city are visible outside my window, and the day is fresh on my mind.  The downside of writing and posting in such a way is that I want to write “today,” but my today and your today are two different days.  And that’s all part of the learning curve! Continue reading “River’s Edge”


If you stole a peak at my personal writings in the last few days, you’d see a trend: it’s raining.  Of course, you could know that by looking out a window here or even stepping outside.  Either way.

The rain finally ended today, and so Sunday we ventured out to the riverfront to see the effects.   Continue reading “Margin”

Hang on Tight

I woke up today about as expected: late.  I was wired last night and didn’t sleep until late, so I knew it would be a rough-start morning.  Unfortunately it was a caffeine-free rough start morning as I didn’t have time for hot tea and the sweet tea pitcher was unnervingly empty.  So heading out for my first of a series of meetings, I was less than sharp minded.  However, I still expected today to be productive.

Ah, those funny expectations. Continue reading “Hang on Tight”

Rain or Shine

I walked through my first alley tonight.  Big brave downtown resident, right?  After every movie makes the alley out as the place you’ll be jumped, beaten and robbed, I’ve had an unconscious inclination to avoid alleys.  Yet this evening, as I cut across a parking lot and discovered the other side was blocked by a fence, I took a chance and went over to the alley, hoping I wouldn’t have to slip past dumpsters or, worse, guys who might put me in dumpsters.   Continue reading “Rain or Shine”